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Friday, October 7, 2022

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Search Engine Optimization ServiceSearch Engine Optimization Service

A top 10 natural search ranking for your company on a major search engine search can have a large impact on site traffic. In fact, it can lead to as much as a 150% increase in traffic. But getting a top spot can be a tricky business. It involves site structure (e.g. frames is a killer), keyword development and placement, search engine submissions (carefully timed so as not to classify your site as a search engine spammer), and more.

Each step is an important part of the process. Just ask the business owner from California whose sales came to a crashing halt when Google found out she was trying to cut corners to get better rankings:

Play Nice with Google...or Else!

Search Engine Optimization services tend to comprise a wide range of capabilities. There are low end services that promise to submit you to 200 search engines for $50. The problem is that they usually get you classified as spam and then don't address the root issue - what are the right top 20-30 keywords and what needs to be done to your site to generate better rankings. Then there are SEO services that employ "doorways" and "cloaking," but end up getting you blacklisted from the search engines because these techniques aim to trick the search engine into thinking you have a valuable, content-rich site. On the high end, there are services that are priced at $100,000+; they provide the custom site analysis and coding that¹s needed, but for a hefty price.

Telesian takes a more cost effective approach that targets the top 30-40 keywords on the top 5 search engines, which account for over 90% of all search traffic. We provide you with all the custom analysis and recommendations needed to generate rankings on those engines. Over the years, our SEO methodology has regularly produced Top 10, Top 5, and Top 1 results for our clients.

"Outsourcing our search engine optimization work to Telesian has been an excellent decision for us. We received immediate payback since some of their initial recommendations enabled us to correct problems that were causing significant loss of traffic to our site that were not known to us. And their excellent reporting and very specific recommendations have enabled us to significantly save time, resources, and dramatically increase traffic to our site. Their expertise enables us to focus on what we do best - providing high quality content on our web site - while they stay on top of the ever-changing rules and relationships in the search engine community."
-- Randy Byrne, VP Marketing, Malvern Instruments

The Search Engine Optimization service includes the following components:

  • Search engine strategy development
  • Competitor definition and strategy critique
  • Positioning goal development
  • Initial positioning analysis
  • Positioning leader deconstruction
  • Keyword phrase development
  • Search engine focused site critique
  • Site and page-specific recommendations to improve positioning
  • Submit pages to targeted search engines
  • Post submission indexing status check
  • Monthly position tracking reports including competitor position tracking

As the web is in a state of continuous flux, maintaining a solid position on the search engines is an on-going battle involving constant rework of keywords, submission of new web pages to each engine, analysis of competitor efforts (which are also always changing), and more. Therefore, we offer our Search Engine Optimization Service in 6-month and 12-month packages.

For further information, email Shari Worthington at .

We look forward to helping you conquer the Internet!

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