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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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The Communicator™

One of the more challenging aspects of marketing is finding ways to creatively deliver highly detailed product and service information. The typical design firm puts pretty colors and white space first, to the detriment of specs and diagrams. But Telesian understands how techies think. So we developed The Communicator, a program that combines creative design with technical depth to produce uniquely packaged product and service information in brochures, data sheets, and catalogs.

The Communicator includes elements of our unique packaging process as well as our brand architecture program. The end result is a high impact set of paper or electronic materials that deliver the right message to the right market...without sacrificing technical depth.

CASE HISTORY: Apple Computer

As an expert in marketing to technical audiences, Telesian was brought in to help Apple Computer develop the "Large Business Sales Toolkit." A comprehensive package of information, the Tookit was designed to help Apple's field sales and marketing organization sell into the technical markets -- both end consumers as well as third-party developers. Telesian developed the primary messaging and content for the collateral, which included a CD-based presentation, presentation script, video testimonials, third-party partner directory, and industry fact book.

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