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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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The MAGALOG (MAGazine-CataLOG) Method™

Outside of the Internet, the hottest trend in marketing, and one that produces outstanding results, especially for technical audiences who crave detailed information, is the MAGALOG. In the MAGALOG, tutorials and other editorial material are mixed with catalog sales copy so the reader can learn about the product and factors related to the product, such as technology, design, and programming issues. The MAGALOG builds credibility for your company, confidence in your products, and relationships with prospects. It also creates trust and generates higher response than traditional catalogs or newsletters, which are typically sales promotions with little informational value.


Acuity, a leader in machine vision hardware and software, needed a way to stand out from the crowd. Telesian was brought in to conceptualize a way for the company to establish their technical expertise and deliver their product positioning in a highly credible way. The Telesian team developed the content and layout for a magalog, half technical magazine, half product catalog. Taking advantage of our experience as writers and editors, we created a unique communications vehicle to deliver the company's message and generate sales leads.

Telesian has developed a wide variety of MAGALOG vehicles, from 8 to 108 pages, color and black and white. Regardless of the size, it's a highly effective way to present your product information to prospects ... and to get them to save the material for on-going reference.

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For further information, email Shari Worthington at ... because educating your prospects is the best way to demonstrate your technical expertise!