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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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IMPACT Marketing: MBC™

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IMPACT Marketing: MBC™
Managing the Buy Cycle

Does your sales team keep getting bogged down at the same point in the sales cycle?

Do you know how your marketing messages and tools are being used during the sales cycle?

Is your product always selected over competition but you struggle to get the PO signed?

IMPACT Marketing: MBC™, Managing the Buy Cycle, is a specialty marketing service that aligns your marketing efforts with the informational needs of technology buyers. The end goal is to propel buyers through your sales cycle using high impact messaging, tools, and collateral. 

This service applies our signature IMPACT Marketing Buying Model™ to your marketing programs and materials. Marketing works strategically with the sales team to apply as much leverage as possible throughout the sales cycle. By focusing on what a buyer needs to make an informed decision, you arm your channel with the right message and materials at the right moment, supporting their selling efforts throughout the sales process. The end result is:

  • More efficient sales cycles
  • More wins
  • Message consistency across regions and markets
  • Fluency between sales and marketing personnel

IMPACT Marketing: MBC, Managing the Buy Cycle is right for you if you face such challenges as:

  • Your sales team uses messages and tools during the sales cycle without regard to buyer needs

    Managing the Buy Cycle propels the buyer through the sales cycle.

    Find your best sales leverage by applying this proven methodology that focuses on marketing strategies and tactics tailored around the buying cycle. Designed to help marketing teams understand the buying cycle from the buyer's perspective, IMPACT Training matches information and messages to the most urgent needs and propels the buyer through the sales cycle.

  • Your distributors give away all their collateral on the first sales call, then have nothing left to address the advancing needs of the buyer during the sales cycle.

    Managing the Buy Cycle aligns informational needs with the buying cycle.

    When materials, messages, and programs are designed to address a buyer's informational needs, your sales effectiveness will soar. Marketing delivers messages and value propositions that meet the buyer's changing needs as the sales cycle progresses. This approach enables sales to focus on selling and developing the relationship with the buyer versus creating defensible positioning on the fly.  It focuses on helping sales move a prospect through the steps of the sales cycle quickly and effectively, and complements a complex sales methodology.

  • Your reps are crafting off-the-cuff, one-off messages when faced with competition.

    Managing the Buy Cycle develops crisp, consistent messages that differentiate your products and services.

    Create multi-tiered message strategies that center on identifying the pains of your buyers and their businesses, then create a sense or urgency around those pains through messaging and positioning tactics. Once pains are identified, sales can build a sense of urgency and help prospects understand the impact of not addressing the pain, which helps drive purpose and closure.

7 Reasons to Implement Managing the Buy Cycle:

  1. Learn how to leverage the buying cycle to shorten the sales cycle.

  2. Increase sales effectiveness by developing materials, programs, and tools designed to propel a prospect through the sales cycle.

  3. Learn how and when to apply message strategies throughout the buying cycle, and how to competitively differentiate your products and services.

  4. Improve your message effectiveness by tailoring messages around buying needs and buying teams.

  5. Increase marketing's value within the sales team and throughout the organization by delivering more effective sales tools that serve a specific purpose.

  6. Create a common marketing strategy framework and dictionary to help improve your overall sales & marketing effectiveness.

  7. Identify informational gaps that exist in the current process and sharpen existing materials based on where they have the most impact in the buying cycle.

Our unique, 8-step process takes you through a review of your current sales cycle, comprehensive competitive analysis, buying model development, messaging and sales tool development, then roll-out to the channel.

Also available, IMPACT Marketing: MBC Workshop.

For more information on IMPACT Marketing: MBC, Managing the Buy Cycle,

For further information, email Shari Worthington at ... because marketing and sales must work side-by-side to make an impact in today's global economy.