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Friday, May 7, 2021

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Intense Ltd. Announces Extremely High Power, 905 nm, Short Pulsed, Epi-Stack Diode Laser in Rugged, Hermetically Sealed Package

Glasgow, Scotland -- 28 July 2008 -- Intense Ltd., developer of next generation lasers, has announced the Series 2675 Epi-Stack, an extremely high power, 905 nm short pulsed diode laser capable of up to 75 W of peak power from a small 200 µm x 10 µm aperture. The Series 2675 is a single, monolithic chip with three high efficiency, epitaxially grown emitters. The emitters are enclosed in a rugged, hermetically sealed, 5.6 mm (TO56) package. This provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for integrators who need to simplify system design with reduced component count and lower cost.

The Series 2675 Epi-Stack is designed for low duty cycle operation, typically 200 ns, 2 KHz, at operating temperatures of -40 to +85˚C. No TE cooling is required. The lasers are designed for aerospace, defense, and industrial applications that require ultra high power from a small emitter area, such as LiDAR, range finding, geoscanning-mapping, ceilometers, and weapons simulation.

"Developed in direct response to defense and industrial market requirements for more rugged and compact short pulse monolithic arrays, the Series 2675 Epi-Stack builds on Intense’s line of high power, pulsed laser diode offerings," stated Kevin Laughlin, VP HPL Global Business Development at Intense Ltd. "The compact, hermetically sealed, 5.6 mm package makes this device ideal for most military and industrial applications where shock, vibration, and exposure to extreme environments are a concern."

In addition to the Series 2675 Epi-Stack, Intense offers a range of pulsed laser products that provide excellent reliability and good quantum efficiency. The Series 2100 are high peak power, 905 nm pulsed diode lasers designed for applications that require powers up to 150 W. The Series 2400 are high peak power, eye safe, 1550 nm pulsed diode lasers designed for applications that require powers up to 48 W.


The Series 2675 Epi-Stack laser diodes are available immediately in rugged, hermetically sealed TO56 packages. Other packages are available on request. OEM discounts are based on quantities ordered.

About Intense

Headquartered in Glasgow, UK, Intense is a leading provider of single and multimode monolithic laser array products and high power laser diodes. The company's patented innovations in Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) and Asymmetric Waveguides (AW) generate uniquely high power, brightness, and reliability. Combined with state-of-the-art, high volume manufacturing facilities in the UK and US, this delivers unsurpassed product quality and value to customers in the print and imaging, defense, industrial, display, and medical markets. For more information, visit

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For further information contact:
Chris Baker, VP Sales & Marketing
Intense Ltd.
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+44 1698 827000

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Intense Ltd.
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