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Friday, May 7, 2021

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Weekend Reading

The employees at Telesian do a lot of reading. In many cases, you'll find our noses buried in the latest technology book. But once in awhile we find a little time on the weekend to read something outside the scope of business.

Life inside a marketing firm can get really crazy. Lots of clients, lots of demands, and lots of deadlines. Life inside Telesian isn’t quite as insane as it is for the ad agency in this novel, but Shari was in stitches reading this little gem. When she was done, she felt even more love and respect for the great team at Telesian!

Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris

The bubble has just burst. The harried employees of a Chicago ad agency now have to live through a dramatic change. No more lives of luxurious salaries, overdone perks, and general sloth. Layoffs start and personality quirks emerge. Boy, do they emerge. Office furnishings disappear, personal mementos end up in the manager’s office, paranoia grows. Yet still the creative team finds time to search the premises for free food and spend hours each day gossiping and speculating who’s next. They’re peculiar, dysfunctional, and extremely funny.

(Back Bay Books, 2008)