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Friday, May 7, 2021

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Weekend Reading

The employees at Telesian do a lot of reading. In many cases, you'll find our noses buried in the latest technology book. But once in awhile we find a little time on the weekend to read something outside the scope of business.

On their latest trip to the UK, Shari's family made sure they spent a few days in London, introducing their acting/singing teenager to the higher points of British culture. Once they got past the meat pies and tour buses, they immersed themselves in the recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Their daughter was hooked and the next summer performed in a Shakespeare in the Park production of Love's Labors Lost.

Shakespeare: The World as Stage by Bill Bryson

We know so very little about William Shakespeare. What we do know might take up a page, at most. But for witty travel writer Bill Bryson, it takes more like 200. Bryson pays homage to the life and times of William Shakespeare and details his own journey through the research of earlier scholars. The end result is an entertaining travelogue-style look at one of the world's greatest poets.

(Harper Perennial, 2008)